Singing All the Way from Blade to Electric Shaver



Ok, this article is not related to music and music gadgets but I thought I might as well share something other than it.  The thing is I had been thinking blade is the only way to get a clean shave after trying some poorly performed electric shavers in the past. Well, I’m wrong now. With the introduction of electric shaver at the market, shaving has become a new experience for us. The earlier method of shaving is by using razor and it is also still in practice today. This manual shaving is time consuming and safety is a matter of concern. The rapid advancement of modern technology has changed it all. Electric shaver has made shaving easier, comfortable, faster and safer.

Basic information on electric shaver

Electric shaver is the simplest means of shaving. In electric shaving, you don’t need a shaving brush, shaving cream or even water. All you need is a power outlet to use it anytime or anywhere. A good electric shaver comes with rechargeable battery and can be used cordless when fully charged. Electric shavers are of two kinds- rotary shaver and foil shaver. Electric shavers are designed in such a way that it is user friendly. Using electric shaver will reduce the chance of getting accidental cuts, rashes, skin irritation, etc. Since the machine is run by electricity, it is more consistent and efficient that it shaves or cuts your hair in few minutes. It is thrice faster than manual shaving. If you want to read reviews on some of the best available electric shavers on the market checkout Ever Smart Shaver site here:

The Pros of Electric Shaver

  • Electric shaving shaves much faster than manual shaving and will save you more time.
  • When you are in a hurry, you can definitely rely on electric shaver. A busy man with find it very handy as it allows a quick shave anytime.
  • Electric shavers are portable. It is the best choice when you are on a business trip or on vacation.
  • Electric shavers are designed for your safety. It takes good care of your skin and prevents scratching, bleeding, skin irritation, etc.
  • Electric shaver offers you wet and dry shaving. If you want to have a close smooth shave, you can use shaving cream or gel and use it as a wet shaver. When in hurry, use it dry way.
  • Electric shaver can be used corded as well as cordless.


The Cons of Electric Shaver

  • The major drawback that you will face with electric shaver is that it does not give that close cut like manual razor. This means that you would have to shave more frequently. But this will not be a serious issue for you as electric shaver is easy to use and allows quick and fast shaving.
  • Some electric shavers tend to run very loud. Some people who have sensitive ear would not like it. But again, due to the advancement in technology, now all the latest production runs quite and smoothly.
  • A minor drawback is that you will need a power source to use this machine. You cannot use it where there is no electricity. Now most of the electric shaver offers corded and cordless use. a good product has up to 60-90 minutes cordless use.
  • Even if electric shaver can be used for wet shaving, most of them are not 100% waterproof. You cannot completely wash the shaver in water.

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Is Amazon’s Kindle a Good Entertainer?


The advancement of technology has boosted the world of entertainment to greater heights. The development of Kindle technology has enhanced readers to cultivate the habit of reading pleasurably.

For those of you who love reading, here’s a good news. Amazon has produced one of the most uniquely designed e-book reader called the Kindle HD. It’s purposely designed as a dedicated e-reader, which is one of the best selling Kindle in the world.

Experience the comfort of reading with Amazon’s Kindle, and indulge yourself in various other entertainments like listening music at the background.

Some of the most Striking Features of Kindle HD

The Kindle HD is light and thin, lighter than a book and thinner than a pencil. You can easily hold in one hand, and comfortably read for long hours without any discomfort.

It’s designed with the highest resolution of 300 ppi display. The fonts are hand tuned at the pixel level for maximum readability


Amazon’s Kindle reads like paper, with no screen glares even in bright sunlight.Unlike your Smartphone or tablet screens which are highly reflective, straining your eyes.

You will not have any difficulty in reading, and it won’t tire your eyes even in the dark, because it has built-in front light. The light will guide towards the surface of the display and you will be able to read clearly without straining your eyes.

The screen’s brightness can be adjusted as per your comfort or desire. There’s an integrated light, which is adjustable for both day and night reading.

Unlike other devices and gadgets, you can indulge yourself in reading without any interruptions like an email alert or push notifications etc. It’s a dedicated e-book reader so you will not face such disturbances at all. In can be a handy cookbook too, your assistance as you do the magic cooking on your cooktop.

Advantages of using Kindle for various other Entertainments

When you have Kindle in your hand, you will have an access to thousands of books and favorite titles. So, get entertained reading your favorite novels, fictions and literatures etc.  Moreover, you will enjoy free access to Amazon’s content.

One of the best things about Kindle is the battery life. When the device is fully charged, it will last for weeks. You don’t have to charge again and again unlike other devices for entertainment.

If you want to enhance your vocabulary, every words looked up in the dictionary are automatically saved in the Vocabulary Builder. Later, you can go back and test your knowledge and power of retention.

You will have an access to Wi-Fi connectivity for sharing or downloading your books, novels, favorite quotes to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

In today’s generation devices such as Kindle, Game console, Tablet, Laptop and Smartphone play a very important role in entertaining people, both young and old who are living in bondage of stress, anxiety and worry in this fast, busy and hectic world.


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Portable JBL Charge Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


JBL Charge Bluetooth Speaker is a portable and high performing audio device for indoor and outdoor use. JBL is a well known and worldwide accepted audio sound system developer. It became very popular and has caught many people’s attention and satisfaction because of its unique design and excellent sound quality. The art of music is changing from time to time, generation to generation. But, its popularity and the magnificent role it plays in our life have not changed a bit. Music genre such as hip-hop, heavy metal, hard rock, rap song, folk song etc. are the latest form of music. Whether it be old song or new song, we still listen to it today. In every celebration/occasion or party, music is always present and without it we feel the emptiness that no other art can fill. From young to old, from community to community, everywhere around the world, music has no barriers and plays its divine role.

Is Portable Bluetooth Speaker REPLACING the Big Home Theater Sound System?

In relation to the above introductory lines, I would like to discuss this point as it will be worth knowing. It is true the conventional large size home theater and woofer sound system produces the best of sound. I admit that portable Bluetooth speaker can never compete with our traditional audio sound system. For home use, it is the perfect choice. But music cannot be confined only inside our home. We need it out of doors as well- on the beach, camping, car, hiking, backyard, patio and such. And it became impossible for us to use home theater system when we step out of doors. At such time, portable Bluetooth speaker comes into light. Its compact and light weight design makes it very easy to carry or use it anywhere. It plays wireless through Bluetooth connectivity and comes with a rechargeable battery that plays music for many hours. Replacing woofer or our home theater sound system would be impossible, but portable Bluetooth speaker can surely work as an extra sound system in every household for its many benefits and features.jbl-charge

All About JBL Charge Bluetooth Speaker

As a master and a leader in developing portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, JBL never disappoint its faithful customers. JBL Charge Bluetooth speaker is an ultra compact model designed for everywhere use. The stereo audio sound it produces is discerning and warm to our ears. It is driven by a carefully chosen two high frequency drivers and a built-in passive radiator. It beautifully balances the mids and the highs as well as giving you an immersive bass. You would not believe the sound quality from such a compact speaker. Judging from its compact design, the sound quality of JBL Charge model is quite commendable. It is designed in such a way that it can play in horizontal or vertical position. Finished in a rugged case with rubber end rings and a steel framework, it stands for durability. It can certainly meet what your lifestyle demands and sounds better than my iPod nano.

This speaker wirelessly connects with any Bluetooth enabled device. You can connect it with your iPhone, iPad, android phone, tablet, laptop, etc. through Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth connection is very secure and produces a great stereo audio sound. This device is driven by powerful lithium ion battery that has an average playtime of up to 12 hours (depends on the sound volume you play). An empty battery recharges quickly and also you can plug in the charger even while playing. This speaker is made for easy and simple operation. Everyone can easily operate or control this product. Other important features of this JBL Charge Portable Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth speaker include USB port, AUX In 3.5mm port, led battery indicator, etc. The USB port is dual functioning in the sense that it connects the device to your computer or laptop, plus you can charge your phone or tablet. Through the headphone jack, you can connect it to other sound system.
The rechargeable Li-ion battery is included along with a charging cable in the package. The full dimension of this model is 8.2 x 7 x 3.2 inches. It weighs only 1.2 pound (2.2 shipping weight).

Point wise analysis of JBL Charge

  • Compact design yet excellent audio sound quality.
  • Uninterrupted Bluetooth connectivity that pairs with any Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery that lasts 12 hours on average use.
  • Two high frequency drivers and a built-in passive radiator.
  • Well balanced medium and high sound with deep bass.
  • USB port and AUX In port for multiple connections.
  • Charges your phones and tablets.
  • Solid rugged finish for durability.
  • Anywhere use design- kitchen, bedroom, car, patio, camping, etc.
  • Product dimensions- 8.2 x 7 x 3.2 inches, 2.2 pounds (shipping weight).


For such a compact design, the sound quality of JBL Charge is more than what we expected. The stereo sound it produces is pleasant and not disturbing to our ears, which made it a desirable product. It has clear distinct sound and an impressive bass. In one line it can be described as ‘compact and portable speaker with excellent sound, which is durable and available at considerably cheap price’. However, if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker with great sound and more features, I would recommend other Bluetooth speakers such as Creative Sound Blaster ROAR Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Ultimate Ears BOOM Portable Bluetooth Speaker.


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Veho’s Vecto Mini Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


For the music lovers, portable wireless speaker is a must have gadget. It will truly satisfy and fulfill your hunger and passion for listening music.

Veho is one of the famous UK based company that manufacturers excellent wireless speakers. The Vecto Mini water resistant speaker is one of their best productions which have attracted many users around the world.

What’s so interesting about Veho’s Vecto Mini Wireless Speaker?

The Vecto Mini speaker is a water resistant Bluetooth speaker with IP64 ratings. This means, the speaker is fully protected against dust and splashes of water from any direction. Therefore, it’s perfect for outdoor adventures such as trekking, camping and picnics with friends.

This speaker is small in size, rugged and lightweight in design. So, you can easily carry with you anywhere. You will never run out of music wherever you go.

It uses Bluetooth technology to connect with other compatible devices such as your Smartphone, iPad and laptop, inorder to play music. Moreover, you can also use the line-in cable to connect with other musical devices.

Veho’s Vecto wireless speaker is fully equipped with two powerful 3Watt speakers on each side, this helps in delivering amazing sound of music without distortion. You’d love the sound of a bass guitar exploding on this mini speaker.

With Vecto Mini speaker, you will be able to listen to your favorite music for about 4 hours via Bluetooth, and 8 hours of line-in music playback.


It has a built in tract and volume control. So, you can easily adjust the volume at your convenience, and change tract directly from the speaker without any hassle.

This speaker is compatible with your Smartphone, iPod, tablets and MP3 players. The Vecto Mini wireless speaker comes with a handy clip on karabiner. This makes it very comfortable and easy to hang the speaker around your waist, or on your carry bag whenever, you wanted to walk hands freely.  This wireless Bluetooth speaker is available in Orange color with black borders.

Specifications of Vecto Mini Bluetooth Speaker Model No. VXS-003-VM

  • The dimensions of this speaker are 6.7inches x 2 inches x 3 inches
  • The weight of this wireless speaker is 8 ounces
  • The Bluetooth connectivity range is about 15 meters
  • This speaker will support Bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery, with the capacity for 700mAh
  • The approximate charging time required is one and half hours

This wireless portable Bluetooth speaker is designed to stand up against the most reckless outdoor adventures and activities. Use it and experience the comfort and convenience of having Vecto Mini as your companion.

If any of your friends are fond of music and adventures, this could be an ideal gift pack on their birthdays or anniversaries.

Trust me, the price of this speaker is cheap and affordable for everyone who wish to invest on such a wonderful and powerful wireless speaker.

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Madonna Makes History in Mainstream Music


Madonna Ciccone was born on 16th August, 1958. Professionally known as Madonna, the American singer and songwriter gained popularity by being the kind of artist who pushes boundaries in musical content lyrically as well as in her videos. She struck as a hit on MTV around the same time that Michael Jackson was in fame; well they were contemporaries anyway, born in the same year. While thus reinventing her music along with her image, she is known to have maintained her autonomy throughout and that too in the recording industry. Madonna’s musical productions have been acclaimed to often induce controversy and yet, she has influenced artist all around the world. She is a great stage performer and often plays electric bass guitar.

Her Success  Story

She is also known as the Queen of Pop, Madonna is also exceptionally successful in her career as a modern dancer. Having attended university at the Michigan school of Music, Theatre and Dance, Madonna moved to NY City to make her future career. After her initial performance with Breakfast Clubs, she got a contract with Sire Records and thereby released her first self titled album in 1983, which was followed by a series of successful commercial albums. She received the Grammy Award very early in her career and her songs topped the record charts, most of which were written and produced by self.

Madonna’s acting career also did enhance her popularity. Note, for example, her role in Evita(1996) for which she won a Golden Globe Award. Even her ventures into fashion designing, writing and film making all fostered her popularity. Madonna and her business womanly traits brought her unprecedented recognition as she happened to sign her famous deal called ‘360 deal’ which was worth $120 million, with Live Nation.

Near Immortality of Fame


Madonna has moreover been recognized by Guiness World Record for being the best-selling female recording artist record of all time. She also came to be entitled as the best-selling female rock-artist of the twentieth century while standing as the second best-selling in the US. On the Billboard list, she ranked only next to The Beatles, making her the most successful solo artist in American history of singles chart. Well, announced as the top-touring female artist by magazines, she came to be one of the first founding members of the UK music Hall of Fame, also being school in into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as soon as she became eligible in age.

Admirable Artistic Fusion in Her Works


Madonna through the course of her career explored into a number of genres; spending a few years with each one of rock music, punk rock, disco and most of the music that came along. Pop-dance was one of those that she actually had a big part in popularizing. She incorporated all kinds of music ranging from the acoustics, and folk, and classical music to jazz, and funk, and R&B, and hip hop and gospel music, and electronic music in her records. Well, we did not know a person could embrace so many varied genres as well as personal partners in a lifetime. And yet she was one crazy artist who merged so much to create such phenomenal fusion in music. Now, time to sign out and play some of her best songs with my new portable wireless speaker.


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How Smart Do You Like Your Induction Cooktop? Bluetooth Smart?


We are a busy generation always busy with what we do. So also inventors did their bit, got busy and came out with a smart induction cooktop that cooks, plays music and charges your phone or PC all at one go. So the busy cook also gets to build a working zone around the cooking. And, yes connecting your phone and PC to USB port on the cooktop… do not worry about it. Induction cooktops remain cool and do not get heated even on the surface, remember?

Interesting Sophistication – Easy Functionality

Okay so let’s talk about how much smarter this induction cooktop actually is. Well, how much more fluid is the functionality compared to the usual induction cooktop?

Once connected to your phone through Bluetooth, you simply slide the temperature high up or down low on your phone, rather than going and pressing on the touch button several times. Makes it much easier to check out your favorite recipe on the go as well. For the passionate cook in you, every power level, preset timer and the likes are just a swipe away. Sure every young enthusiast would really fancy it.

Our generation in fact believes very truly that we are so pressed for time, so why not grab this opportunity, get to enjoying all the music you want while cooking your meals. If this is holding your interest, you should probably check out the newest innovations from GE and also E-Vision from India.

A Step Ahead

Well, this is the dawn of another fresh generation in induction cooktop. The influence of smart tech is of course promulgated in kitchen appliances and never did anyone feel it necessary to design a cooktop that can be operated from afar, as far as your Bluetooth range. And yet here we are today, at a juncture where this technological feat will carry its waves as an inspiration for future innovations.

Looking forward, the modern Kitchen which is already half full with automated appliances appears to be moving at a promising pace that by the end of another couple of decades we will have something like Kitchen run in space from earth. It may sound a little amusing but sure feels like it is on the way. With WiFi enabled appliances already in the picture, a telepathied kitchen is just round the corner.

Whirlpool’s Futuristic Stovetop Is Basically A Giant Tablet You Can Cook On

Making Imagination our Limit

Technology does prop us, humans on with such unimaginable dreams. Someone happened to say ‘If you can dream it, you can do it!’. And coincidentally, it was Walt Disney who also happens to have fulfilled so many dreams for as many children because of his own dreams. So if you have dreams of you cooking differently and in a better way, you should feel free to share just like we did. You never know where it would find expression through technology.


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2.0 iball SoundWave Multimedia Speakers (Black)


At home, in the office or at my work place, I never get bored as long as I have my iball 2.0 soundwave multimedia speaker with me.  It is sleek and extremely lightweight to take along with me everywhere I go. The quality of sound it delivers is irresistible in spite of the low price tag.

How I Enjoy with this Multimedia Speaker

At home when I am in a relaxing mood, I put on soothing music to fill the room. Every night before I go to bed, I never miss to listen to my favorite songs of my rock star until I retire to bed.

When I don’t have anything to do, I don’t want to get bored and so I usually plug in the 3.5mm jack in my laptop and start playing games. The quality of sound it delivers is amazing and so I am never tired of enjoying surround sound while playing games.

In the office or in my workplace, I never run out of good music to listen. A good speaker is an essential criterion to enjoy the music. A good music without good speakers pierces our ears with tinny sound. It would be like listening to music of an old FM radio, which is outdated long time ago. I have never been happier to listen to music with this iball speaker.

Booming music, crisp and clear dialogues of movies and serials from my TV or laptop is as good as what we hear in a theatre. One thing that this multi media speaker outshines with the rest of other speakers is the easy compatibility with a wide range of devices with 3.5 mm jack and USB cables.

Why You Should Buy iball Portable Speakers

  • It is relatively cheaper than most other speakers are yet buy cialis online = viagra = canadian online pharmacy it has better sound quality
  • It is very light and so you can take it along with you anywhere you go
  • There is no dearth of connectivity options and so you are never out of music
  • The sleek and stylish looks is irresistible

 A Little Bit of My Disappointments

Whenever I wanted to play the music louder, a little bit of disappointments that follow is distortion of music when it is played at the highest volume. The places I can take around these speakers are limited to dry places on sunny days. It is a speaker meant for two or three persons but not more.

Concluding Thoughts

I feel that it is not inferior with other speakers of this price range. However, if you intent to buy a speaker that you can carry around without worries for anything else, Braven BRV-X Portable Wireless Speaker is one of the best portable speakers in the market. Whether it rains or shine, you have the freedom to enjoy uninterrupted music anywhere. However, you cannot compare the prices between these two speakers because it cost ten times more than iball multi media speakers do. If you want to know more about the different kinds of Bluetooth or portable wireless speakers, click here.  Find a speaker that suits your taste, purpose and budget otherwise, it is a waste to spend unnecessarily.

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Folk Music – My All Time Favorite Music Genre

folkMusic is captivating and sweet to listen; it has no boundaries and no limits. Your taste and choice of music may differ from that of others however, you will not be able to say no to music because, music is powerful and it touches everyone though differently.

I love music. Among the various genres of music my favorite is folk music. I enjoy listening to folk music with my portable wireless Bluetooth speaker or any media player in my home whenever I am free.

What makes you choose Folk music as your all time favorite?

I was born and brought up in a country site. The first music that I heard and know about is none other than the folk music. Since childhood I am fond of listening to folk music.

Moreover, wherever I go I often see people playing and singing folk song. This motivated me a lot. Today, folk music is my all time favorite and I am very passionate about it.

There are many people in the world who are crazy about folk music and folk song.

How would you define Folk Music?

Folk Artists
Folk Artists

In my opinion “Folk Music” can be defined or understood in two different ways.

Firstly, folk music is a traditional music or music of the people. It’s a kind of music sung by people. Folk songs were mostly passed down from generation to generation. People learn these songs by singing along with others who are usually older than you.

Secondly, Folk Music is a particular genre of music. Its roots are based in traditional music, but it’s by no means all traditional. This genre of music is also known as the Acoustic music. Because it’s mostly accompanied by an acoustic instruments.

There are different types of music which can also be considered as part of the folk music for example, traditional, acoustic, Celtic, bluegrass, old-timey and roots etc.

But most importantly, folk music is often part of the folk community. Music born out of a particular region, nation, culture and ethnic group.

Folk music is said to have originated in the 19th century but is often applied to music that is even older than that.

Types of Folk Music

Folk music can be categorized into two types: The first type is very old and nobody really knows who the composed is. Such kind of music belongs to a group of people or culture. It’s the music of the ordinary people within that culture. It’s a kind of song or music they have played, sung to one another for a very long time.

The other type is a kind of music that is written and composed like that of the old folk music but, often played differently from that of the other. Sometimes it’s very confusing and hard to distinguish which is folk music and which is not.

For e.g. there’s American folk music, English folk music, Irish folk music, Polish folk music, Scottish folk music, Chinese folk music, Australian Aboriginal folk music and so on. Each of this is very different from the other.

It’s fun to listen to folk music, because it’s a kind of music where everyone and anyone can join in with. Folk music is interesting and enjoyable because, every single culture has its own folk music.

But the most interesting and striking things about folk music is, it’s a kind of music that goes right into the heart of a culture. It’s predominantly rooted and focuses on specific group of people and culture. It talks or narrates something important of that culture. Therefore, when you listen to folk music you will learn and know more about that particular culture, people and region.


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WDTV Live Media Player with Wi-fi and Vibrant Videos at1080p

Introducing Western Digital (WD) TV Media player into the world of entertainment, it is bringing you the best videos and pictures with vibrant colors for you to enjoy. The technology in media is changing every now and then and so with this media player, you can enjoy browsing the internet on your TV for the whole day like what you can do in your Smartphone.

wd media player

Take Your Pick and Enjoy Any Media in Any File Format

Surprisingly, this media player supports many types of Video and audio formats like MPEG1//2/3, VOB, MKV, AVC, MP4, M2TS, FLV, MP3,WAV/WMA,AAC,OGG, Dolby Digital and more to count. You will hardly find any file format not supported by this media player. It is a good advantage over other media players for supporting almost all types of formats. You have full freedom to enjoy any media in any file format.

Enjoy Freedom of Flexible Connectivity

This media player has a built-in Wi-Fi and so you can stream any music, videos or pictures from almost any source. You can stream from your USB Drive or your home network through your computer. You can stream your favorite movie, songs or pictures in the media library content.

You can always stay connected with the rest of the world and enjoy hit movies, songs, play games and keep in touch with friends via social media network. The set up has never been easier. It has an Ethernet port, An HDMI port and a USB port all in one and like what we have in a mobile phone. The WD TV is ready to access the internet wirelessly and stream whatever you want. Alternatively, you can also access through the Ethernet or home network as well.

Download Remote Apps and Control Media Players Wirelessly with Your Smartphone

All you need to do is download the remote apps and then use your Smartphone as a wireless remote for your Media player. You will have a one-touch access to your favorite shows, movies and channels with your touch screen phone. A Slingbox connected to a set top box enables you to record live shows with an app so that you can share it to others.

A Favorite for Social Media Network and Games on a Big Screen

Like what you can do in a Smartphone, you can also update your status or post your pictures on Facebook on a big screen. Enjoy the latest videos, movies and stay in tune with the latest RSS feeds. When it comes to games, WD Live has many interesting games like Sudoku, Netflix, Hold’Em and more on HDTV with vibrant colors.

The Cons

Although the manufacturer claims that it supports all types of files, it often freezes and so at times, you need to reboot it. Of course, it supports all types of files but for best result; use your home network with wireless 2.4 so that no major issues comes up with your media player.

A Few Final Words

This Media Player from Western Digital is worth the price for what it offers. Everything it offers on the screen is big and colorful with good audio quality. Though you have the option to get all those features in a Smartphone, you won’t see it so big and colorful as it does on WDTV Live Media Player. This one of the best for home entertainment you will get at this price range. It is a good option for you unless you are looking for high-end media players.

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Five String Electric Bass Guitar From Yamaha Model -TRBX505

playing yamaha electric guitar

Musical instruments that are available in the present market are becoming hi-tech in design, looks and features. The electric bass guitars are available in wide varieties ranging from shape, design, color and innovative features.

Yamaha is one of the oldest and the most trusted brands that produce highly functional and attractive electric guitars, and musical instruments & devices.

What’s Special and Interesting about Yamaha TRBX505 Model?

The Yamaha TRBX505 electric bass guitar is constructed with a solid mahogany wood. This makes the body firm and sturdy enough to hold the strings and other parts of the guitar.

The TRBX505 bass guitar features battery alert LED. When the battery is low it will indicate. This is to avoid inconveniences while playing.

The pickups are designed with cut outs. This gives you the comfort for placing your thumb on it while picking or striking. The 5 way mid switch is pretty cool and interesting. It gives out 5 distinct sounds when you play.

The Yamaha TRBX505 model features an active and passive circuit for an accurate tone control, and extreme flexibility & playability. This highly advanced design, ultra musical active & passive mode with tone switching circuitry seamlessly moves from 3 band active EQ to master passive tone.

This electric bass guitar is perfectly designed to strike a balanced between different styles, comfort in terms of playability, and the quality of sound it delivers. Folk music, when accompanied by a bass guitar, it produces beautiful sound.

In comparison with other models, the TRBX505 is considered as the slimmest, yet the strongest bass guitar they have ever created. With a mass optimized 3D design for a perfect balance between comfort, tone and weight.

The price of this electric bass guitar is quite reasonable and affordable for many.   It will surely fit your budget. Moreover, there’s a special offer from do check that out.

Specifications and Other Features of TRBX505 Electric Bass Guitar

yamaha bass guitarThe dimensions of this electric bass guitar will measure about 47.8inches x 17.9inches x 3.7 inches. It will hardly weight about 11pounds only.

The control buttons are located just below the strings. It includes the following controls: Master volume, treble, bass, pickup balancer, middle, active & passive switch and the battery alert LED.

There’s a high quality gold plated parts that are mainly used for key signal chain contacts. This provides an increased conductivity and reliability of the strings when played.

The 43mm 5 string nut width provides fast and comfortable playability for any style such as striking, plucking and strumming.

The TRBX505 electric bass guitar is available in translucent black color. Hope this will match your choice of color.

Yamaha have created an excellent electric guitar for bass players who aren’t ready to compromise on anything. The TRBX505 is a wonderful electric bass guitar designed and built to be the core of your music.

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